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We love houses!

Thinking of buying or selling your home? Leoni Real Estate Corporation can help.

Who is Leoni Real Estate Corporation?

We are a full service licensed real estate brokerage firm offering our listing services and giving our clients more for their money. We list and sell our clients homes and just to show you how confident we are, our fee is paid at closing. In other words, if your home doesn't sell you owe us nothing. At Leoni Real Estate Corp, it's all about peace of mind and saving money!

We will advertise your house to realtors through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and place a "for sale" sign in your yard and directional signs on nearby streets.

The Real Estate community is embracing Leoni Real Estate Corp well, more so than we ever would have thought. Our listings are getting shown, buyers agents are happy and most importantly they are bringing us contracts. We really are turning Savings into SOLD!

Some might say we have an unhealthy obsession. That's great news for you, because it's what you want in a realtor. What separates us from the rest?

We've been around the block 

If it can affect buying or selling--interest rates, market surpluses, appraiser strikes--we're on top of it. Our years of experience are always at work for you.

Service that's unsurpassed
Sometimes things come together right away. Other times, fitting home to buyer takes longer. We don't sleep until we've delivered for you--no matter how daunting the task.

Buyers win with Leoni Real Estate Corporation too.
We know about homes before they come on the market because our sellers start talking with us about a week before they are ready to be listed in the MLS. Not only do we have advance knowledge of what is coming on the market, our sellers have greater pricing power. To speed up a sale many of them are willing to pass our savings on to you - the buyer.

We know what sells.
While we have no proverbial crystal ball, we do have the next best thing, experience! One of the most important functions of a National Properties Corp buyers agent is to look out for your interest. When you come back to us in 3-5 years to sell the home you just purchased, we want to make sure that it sells without any problems. Remember these important real estate sayings. You make the money on the buy and location, location, location. Your Leoni Real Estate Corp agent knows these as truths and will not let you forget them!

The real estate market gets more complex every day.
You need a realtor that is on top of the market, prepared to protect your interests, and guide you through the purchasing process. Our passion for real estate makes it easy for Leoni Real Estate Corp to make a full-time commitment to its buyers. From finding the right home to getting the best financing, Leoni Real Estate Corp hopes to eliminate the hassle and stress often associated with buying a home. It is an exciting time - it should be fun!

Leoni Real Estate Corporation is your local area Experts.
At Leoni Real Estate Corp we are constantly researching the market and area home prices so we can provide clients with the latest and most accurate information. We monitor all new listings and will alert you to new houses that meet your criteria as they appear on the market. We also provide you with detailed listing information not available to the general public through the MLS.

With our knowledge of the Florida real estate market, Leoni Real Estate Corp knows how to help with your unique needs and keeps your best interests in mind through every aspect of the buying process. We are focused on providing you with the most personal attention and best service available to find the right house for the right price.

Whether you are buying or selling, Leoni Real Estate Corp is the place for you. We are a full service licensed real estate brokerage and Andrew Vogel is one of our top selling agents.

Andrew Vogel is a Licensed Real Estate Sales Associate so
Please give us a call at 305-710-1261 or email us at to talk about your home buying or selling plans.

Let's start today. Call us for a free, no-obligation consultation. Whatever your housing goals, we're here to help.

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